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Latin America is part of a planet that has always attracted tourists with its complex history, exotic and mysterious. Rest in Latin America is invariably rich in unforgettable impressions due to the most interesting nature and numerous antiquities. The natural sights of Latin America can rightly be called the world record holders. Unique attractions of Latin America

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It is here that the Andes are located - the longest system of the mountains of the Earth, Cotopaxi - the largest active volcano, Angel the highest waterfall in the world. Titicaca is the largest lake and, of course, the longest on the whole planet, the Amazon River. Pictures of attractions in Latin America.

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After the other historic cities of Latin America, many of which are in a dilapidated and even neglected state, I expected to see in Cartagena a time-consuming street and ruins. However, it is strikingly different from the colonial cities, as we are accustomed to seeing them: Cartagena is an insanely beautiful, well-groomed and very tourist city. Most of all, he reminded me of the view from a gift card depicting a rich Caribbean settlement.

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