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Argentina - the birthplace of tango, gaucho, mate and melting glaciers. The southernmost country of the world was named after the noble metal Argentum, for a long time it bore the title of the richest in the world. But how can it be otherwise in the "Silver Country"? Argentina amazes with contrasts, so tourists are waited by the real cocktail in which the crazy carnival, hot nights, eternal glaciers, passionate football, intoxicating wine and all "most southern" are mixed.

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May Square is the heart of the Argentine capital, where the singing of Maradona after the victory in the World Cup sounded. The square is surrounded by unique buildings - the Rose Palace, the Cabildo Museum, the National Bank, the National Theater Museum and others. In the center of the square stands the May Pyramid, which symbolizes the independence of Argentina.

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Ushuaia - the southernmost city of the planet, located on the archipelago Tierra del Fuego. All guests of the city in the passport put a special stamp "fin del mundo", which means "the end of the world".

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