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Each Asian country is a real storehouse of unique traditions, extraordinary customs and breathtaking landscapes. We picked up 17 of the most amazing places that are definitely worth a visit. So, go on a trip to Asia

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In Asia it is different. Another world and culture, not like the one in which we grew up and live. . We specifically included in the list not only the obvious Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, but also places that are written about quite a bit. Angkor Wat is amazing in its size and architecture. It is the largest cult construction in the world, erected in the beginning of the XII century. According to some researchers, the technologies used in the construction could not be known to the ancient inhabitants of these places.

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The complex, surrounded by a broad moat, covers an area of ??about 200 hectares. But the ancient capital of the Khmer, the center of which was Angkor Wat, at its peak could well claim to be the largest city in the world.

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