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Australia is called a country of luck, a country of happy people, a country of friendly and good-natured people. In this country, adventurers and travelers are eager to enter. They are attracted by ostriches, kangaroos, platypuses - exotic animals that have long glorified Australia. On this continent, beautiful landscapes, impassable jungles, kilometers of exotic and blue pools with ultramodern megapolises and ubiquitous urbanization are harmoniously combined. Thanks to this, Australia managed to create unique sights, while not spoiling the nature. Such modern megacities as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Cairns or Gold Coast and unique flora and fauna make Australia attractive for tourists with a wide variety of interests.

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Particularly captivating pictures of landscapes that arise due to the climatic and geographical conditions of the continent. For this reason, only in this country is possible a combination of tropical forest, desert landscape, age-old eucalyptus forests, colorful coral reefs and majestic mountains. But which attractions can you visit in Australia?

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The large barrier reef includes more than 70 coral islands, among them Hamilton, Hyman, Dunk, Brampton, Keppel, Bedarra, Lizard, and others. On each of the islands of this Australian landmark in its own way organized tourist rest and entertainment. Here everywhere there are sandy beaches and hotels, and in the rainforest birds and beautiful butterflies live; in pubs live music is played and everything is equipped for comfortable rest of tourists. This landmark can be considered a true miracle of nature.

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