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Brazil - a country of amazing architectural structures, beautiful relaxation zones, parks, a variety of historical and cultural sites. The architecture of Brazilian cities is very diverse: the first churches were built by the Portuguese, adapting their style to the local climate. In the years of gold rush new cities with unique buildings quickly appeared, and today these historical areas are included in the number of architectural monuments of world significance.

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Brazil is a country of luxurious world famous carnivals, beautiful mountains and clean beaches, the country is distinguished by its national natural resources. And we love her not only for her serials and wild monkeys .... Unrivaled monuments of architecture, the grandiose waterfalls of Iguazu, the unique nature of the Amazon, a lot of museums and exhibitions, shows and performances - this is a small part of where you can plunge into Brazil. It is im

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It is impossible to imagine Brazil without the famous annual carnival - a holiday of samba and fun, forcing for a while to forget about the sights. The Brazilian carnival covers not only Rio, but also other major cities of the country, and is traditionally held in February.

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