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Palace of Topkapi - Istanbul
04.06.2007 19:09:31
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no. and then he offered me to have him as the guide. well, sinc no. and then he offered me to have him as the guide. well, since he\'s psaeking english and i understood him, i said ok. but then i asked him, whether he\'s ok with that, maybe he already had a plan or something. he said ok, no problem with his plan.actually my first plan was to visit the topkapi palace. but since it\'s not open before 9 am, he proposed to accompany me. before going to the palace, we stopped by to a rug store. he showed me some carpets. Then we continue to visit the palace. To cut the story short, we did something that i shouldn\'t do. don\'t ask me why or how this happened, coz i still regret that till today. maybe because he made me safe/comfortable, by psaeking in english and knowing places in sultanahmet area.i left him before dinner, i continued my trip to other places.Day 2on the next day actually i was asking him to accompany me to take the bosphorus cruise etc, but he refused because he had to work in the rug store. he eventually met me at early afternoon, asking me to spend another time with him again. but at that day i was thinking clear, so i refused his offer. we splitted at early at night.Day 3i returned to my country on the 3rd day in the morning. i met him for the last time in sultanahmet metro station just to say goodbye.some info that i got from his story:- he\'s been married for 8 years and have 3 kids (1 boy and 2 girls)- his wife deceased due to cancer. he showed me the photo of his kids, saying that they\'re taken care by his sisters, family, and his wife\'s family.- he has 12 brothers & sisters, he\'s no. 6 or 7.- he\'s a kurdish.- he\'s been in istanbul for 20 years, but now he\'s 30 years old.- he showed me his ID card and Entrance Card to Topkapi when we visited the place. in the ID card, it\'s showed that he was born in feb far turan hasn\'t called me asking for something. well, reading the articles, looks like he also aims for money. but not from me up to now.
21.04.2012 08:42:15

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