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europe Prague

31.05.2005 22:49:18
Canon powershot
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Check the trainsbelow link gives you step by stepPlan Your Train Check the trainsbelow link gives you step by stepPlan Your Train Travel to PragueFind up to 9 daily deetraurps to Prague from Berlin on the Deutsche Bahn Web site (see Resources). Review the timetable found on the company\'s Web site to determine which time is best for your departure and arrival plans.Note that on specified days some trains to Prague depart from Berlin\'s Ostbahnhof station.Confirm passport and visa requirements for travel between Germany and the Czech Republic before booking your train to Prague. Because you will be traveling across an international border, you may be required to show your passport or identification during your trip.Book Your Ticket From Berlin to PragueStep 1Visit the ticket counter at Berlin\'s Hauptbahnhof or central station to purchase a ticket for your chosen departure time. Reservations are not required for travel to Prague but are recommended as this is a very popular travel route.Step 2Book your ticket or reserve your seat online. You may reserve your seat without paying for it by selecting no ticket, reservation only from the travel service Web site of Deutsche Bahn. Your seat will be held until 15 minutes after the scheduled departure for the train.Step 3Plan to spend more than 50 euros when you book your ticket for train travel from Berlin to Prague.Navigate Berlin\'s Central StationStep 1Preview the layout of Berlin\'s Hauptbahnhof or central station by visiting the station\'s Web site. Here you can download maps of the station\'s concourses.Step 2Find one of the two Travel Centres set up in the station, where you can get assistance from Deutsche Bahn attendants. You will find them located on the first floor and the first lower level of the train station, open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.Step 3Pick up tickets purchased online at the automated ticket machines available throughout the concourse of Berlin\'s central station. You may also purchase tickets for same day travel at these machines.Note that while a Eurail Pass is good in Germany, it does not cover travel within the Czech Republic.Book train travel from Berlin to Prague through Rail Europe by visiting the Web site (see Resources) or by calling a North American agent at (888) 382-RAIL..
01.06.2012 18:28:20

Mazwin Beautiful! Was in Prague two years ago and did not have the opportunity to see the bridge at nite like this. Thank you. I would like to print this out and add to my Eastern Europe Album, is it alright?
19.03.2006 16:44:52

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