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Germany is in the center of Europe and is a diverse country with a rich history. Once I have been here, I want to return again to discover new secrets, learn more about the multifaceted culture of the German people and visit the most hidden corners of this country.

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In the western part of Munich is one of the largest palace complexes in Europe - Nymphenburg. For a long time it was used to receive important guests, so on the eve of the trip you can guess about the magnificence of its interiors. The Botanical Garden and the park at the palace complex are an excellent place for walking.

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A special place among all the sights of Germany is occupied by the magnificent medieval castles of the majestic Rhine. Charming valleys of the river with scattered castles and as if descended from pictures of fairy tales of brothers Grimm towns and ask for another photo. Charlottenburg is the largest palace in Berlin. The museum complex is the palace itself and its interiors; located in the mausoleum of the royal family and belvedere, where the museum of porcelain now operates.

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