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Located in the southeast of mainland China, the provincial island of Taiwan is washed by the Pacific Ocean in the east, and in the Taiwan Strait area to the west. The place has magnificent mountains, calm lakes, beautiful beaches, sapphire seas, delicious snacks and fantastic cityscapes that are worth seeing in Taiwan.

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Taiwan is a very friendly and surprisingly beautiful place. For centuries it was the center of cultures and traditions. Many people think that it looks like cities like Singapore or Hong Kong, but even if there are shopping centers and factories here, it also contains many natural beauties. On this island, Chinese culture is much more real than in any other city in East Asia. This is one of the reasons why the culture of this beautiful island is unique and diverse.

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Most of Taiwan's visits will begin with Taipei, the capital and the largest city. Here you can see the skyscraper Taipei 101, the National Palace Museum and visit the best restaurants, bars and night markets of the island. It also offers many worthy day trips, including a cable car.

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