Photo Tours Of New York You Will Never Forget

You may love to take pictures on vacation, but it is another level of adventure – New York photography tour. Photo tours of New York offer you an incredible number of options that are simply not available to you if …

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Stunning Sites From Tibidabo Mountain And Barcelona

Traveling gives us a fantastic opportunity to see the world and capture it for others to enjoy through the magic of photography. Whether you are considering a solo journey around the world, or you are planning a big family vacation …

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Istanbul Photo Tours

The History of Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world and was inhabited in approximately 3000 BC. The colony of Byzantium was established by King Byzas in the 7th century. An oracle of Delphi advised …

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Prague. History of Golem

There are many wonders of the world that are worth seeing and capturing for memories and reasons to look back on an amazing trip and smile. Traveling provides you with the opportunity to experience different cultures, histories, landmarks, foods and …

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Photo Tour in Paris

The City of Light

When the average person thinks of Paris, they have visions of the city of light. This is especially true when the person is holding a camera in their hands. Paris is filled with amazing photographic opportunities. …

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Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild and Cap Ferrat

Amazing location

The beautiful attractions of Cap Ferrat located in the southeastern part of France on the peninsula is a tranquil, but stunningly beautiful place to go on your next vacation. European aristocrats and millionaires from around the globe have …

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Photography Tour of Hong Kong

There are countless ways for a photographer to expand their portfolio and show their keen eye for capturing stunning images in nearly any atmosphere; One of the most adventurous ways to pad your gallery is by arranging a travel photography …

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