Stunning Sites From Tibidabo Mountain And Barcelona

Traveling gives us a fantastic opportunity to see the world and capture it for others to enjoy through the magic of photography. Whether you are considering a solo journey around the world, or you are planning a big family vacation but are unsure where to take the kids so they won’t lose interest, consider traveling to Tibidabo Mountain in Barcelona Spain. Barcelona is a beautiful seaside city in Catalonia Spain and lies at the foothills of the Tibidabo Mountain, the tallest standing mountain in the Serra de Collserola range. Tibidabo mountain rises dramatically to the North West and overlooks the entirety of the city of Barcelona and on to the pristine coastline beaches. The fact that the peak of Tibidabo mountain has a perfect three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view of Barcelona and the surrounding seaside and beyond makes it an ideal location for a travel photography adventure. Perhaps you are bringing the family along on your photography quest, you won’t have to worry about toting small children up against the side of a steep Spanish mountain, as there are several ways to get to the top. In fact, one of the favorite ways visitors enjoy reaching the top of Tibidabo Mountain is one of its first attractions you will encounter. The Funicular resembles a subway car that passengers board at a station located at the Vallvidrera neighborhood at the foothills of the mountain. There are also bus systems that travel along the only road that winds its way to the peak of Tibidabo.


The city of Vallvidrera lies sleepily at the basin of the Tibidabo mountain and is home to the Vallvidrera Funicular. The funicular is an electric railway that acts as a vessel to take travelers comfortably and quickly to the top of Tibidabo. Do not miss your opportunity to capture the first of many images as you make the two-minute-and-fifty-second-trip along the track to the top. As you reach the peak of Tibidabo, note that the area opens up into a whimsical mountaintop amusement park complete with several attractions and rides for your family to enjoy while you capture unforgettable pictures at the top of Spain’s highest mountain. You will immediately feel the urge to start snapping photos of the vintage park and beautiful Barcelona lying quietly at the base of the hill as you take in the breathtaking views from Tibidabo Mountain.


The park is not the only notable attraction atop Tibidabo however, The Expiatory Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus stands proudly next to the mystical park. If you plan to visit the interior of the church during your journey, you will want to arrange admission months in advance as it is one of the top visited places in the area. The neo-gothic church was designed by Enric Sagnier who broke ground on the magnificent building in 1902. Enric, unfortunately, died before he could complete his work on the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor. However, his son Josep Maria Sagnier I Vidal picked up the baton and finalized work on the church in 1961, making the construction of the piece a sixty-year project that was well worth the wait. The idea to build the Roman Catholic Church atop of Tibidabo came to be when there were whispers of a Protestant church and hotel-casino being constructed in the very spot the dedication to the Sacred Heart of Jesus now stands. At the bottom of this massive cathedral is the first of infinite photo opportunities you will have around the area of the church. With massive dual staircases leading to the church itself. Before you climb your chosen set of stairs, be sure to take in the breathtaking work of the facade of the Crypt. Step inside the crypt and snap a few pictures of the gorgeous marble decorations, stunning works of art painted by Miguel Farre I Albages, and mosaics worked into the pavement beneath your feet. There is plenty to explore within the crypt, including five separate naves, all full of paintings, sculptures, and mosaics worked into the walls. The windows draw in the natural light from outside with a colorful flair with their stunning stained glass windows. Once you have had enough of the Crypt, make your way out and follow one of the large staircases to the next level, the chapel itself. When you step into the massive cathedral, take in the beautiful stained glass windows and tall ceilings with your camera. Each of the four towers inside the church has a rose window with the Latin phrase Tibi Dabo, which means “I Will Give You,” this is where the mountain found its name, Tibidabo. It is said that while the devil attempted to tempt Jesus Christ by offering him all of the lands from an incredibly tall mountain, that the very mountain they stood on was none other than Tibidabo Mountain. When you have captured your fill of pictures inside the church, work your way out and gaze toward the highest point where the bronzed statue of Jesus Christ stands tall with his arms stretched wide. This stunning church is only the beginning of the experience you will have with your camera on the top of Tibidabo Mountain. When you are ready, head to the adjacent amusement park and let the kids let out their energy on some of the fantastic rides that are found in the Tibidabo Amusement Park.

Amusement Park

The Tibidabo Amusement Park was conceived by entrepreneur Salvador Andrew and built in 1899 and soon opened for the public in the year 1905. To this very day, many of the rides that were initially placed in the park at the start of the 1900’s are still in use to this day. The Avio Airplane ride was one of the most popular at the beginning of business for the park and continues its popularity to this day. This ride was the biggest hit in the park when it first opened, as the concept of flying was still new, fresh, and seemingly unachievable for many people. The red airplane is an exact replica of the aircraft that made the first successful flight from Barcelona to Madrid in 1928. The ride was designed to give participants the feeling that they are flying through the air over Barcelona. As the plane turns in the air on an extended arm, it juts out over a sheer drop down which amplifies the effect of being in an actual airplane.
Unlike your traditional monorail in nearly every American Amusement Park, the Tibidabo Amusement Park has one that seems like a joy to ride! The cars dangle beneath a rail that carts riders around the park and gives you breathtaking views and photo opportunities of Barcelona and the surrounding areas of Catalonia Spain and the seaside beyond. You will have countless opportunities to capture stunning photos of Barcelona, Tibidabo Mountain, and whimsical scenes from the Amusement Park as you make your way on the track of their intriguing monorail.
There is also a traditional Ferris Wheel on the park grounds of course, and once the evening sun sets on Barcelona and Tibidabo mountain the lights of the park come to life, and the Ferris Wheel is one of the most beautiful sites to see as it lights up in various patterns and slowly spins its passengers.
If you are looking for rides with a bit more thrill and excitement to them, have no fear! Tibidabo Amusement Park is home to a fast, twisting, twirling roller coaster that was made with thrill seekers in mind. There are also several rides that lift you high into the air and test your stomach as you gaze out over the vast city of Barcelona in Catalonia Spain. All of these give you a chance to capture unforgettable shots of Tibidabo Mountain and Barcelona though, so don’t forget to keep your camera on you at all times if you are taking advantage of every opportunity for a great shot.

Automata Museum

Once you have had your fill of all the rides and commotion of the park, take the family in to see the Tibidabo Mechanical Figures Museum or Automata Museum. Inside, enjoy the interaction with over 40 figures that come to life with the help of unique mechanisms. The majority of the characters in the museum are originals from when the place was built in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Your family will enjoy the novelty of it all as you walk through the museum, and you will have a chance to capture the whimsy and uniqueness of this exhibit as you stroll through at your pace. There is also a spot on Tibidabo mountain amongst the park where you can walk through a hall of mirrors and let your hair down for a silly adventure through the maze with your kids, or enjoy it all on your own!

The Torre Collserola

There is yet another spot on the peak of Tibidabo where you can capture stunning pictures of the mountain and surrounding areas of Catalonia during your stay. The Torre Collserola is a fourteen-story radio-television tower that doubles as an observation deck for visitors to the peak of Tibidabo mountain. If you dare to climb the tall tower, head to the tenth story where you will find an area to explore and take pictures of the three-hundred-and-sixty-degree views of Barcelona and Tibidabo Mountain. As the sun begins its descent on the day, and the lights of the amusement park start their evening glow, these higher points of Tibidabo are the best places to be at the end of a long day. Capture images of cotton candy clouds over the brightness of the vintage amusement park rides, Snap a picture of Barcelona coming to life with lights as the city glows brightly under a darkened sky.

Photo tour Barcelona

If the adventure and excitement of Tibidabo were not enough to fulfill your photography goals on your trip to Catalonia Spain, there are hundreds of professional photo tours you can take throughout the city of Barcelona. Whether you want to follow a professional photographer around the town to capture photographs for you, or you just want someone to show you those hidden gems throughout the city that you might now have found on your own, then make sure to plan a photo trip with a professional around the city of Barcelona. You can meet your photographers and tour guides at nearly any hotel in the area or at a designated location of their choosing throughout the town, so no matter where you are staying you can almost assuredly find a convenient guide. There are so many options for touring in Barcelona that no matter what your need is, you are likely to see it if you check out any of the major travel sites on the internet as you are planning your trip. Choose to take a private tour with a professional photographer if you feel you want a more intimate experience on your journey through the city, or pick a tour that will allow you the opportunity to mingle with locals and other tourists that are visiting Barcelona on a similar trip!
When you think about where you would like to travel on vacation or photography adventure, consider all of your options and think about planning a photo trip to Barcelona in Catalonia Spain. You will never capture anything quite as stunning a the sunset over Barcelona from the tallest mountain in the Serra del Collserola range. Bring your family along and enjoy taking priceless images of your children at play among the whimsical rides and attractions that adorn the peak of Tibidabo Mountain. Head to Barcelona on your next quest for stunning photographs and take a photography tour with a professional, or create your own journey by exploring the mountain on your own. Capture images that you will not find anywhere else in the world but at the top of the highest peak of the Serra de Collserola mountain range in Catalonia Spain, Tibidabo Mountain. Bring along your camera, and your sense of adventure and head to Barcelona Spain!

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